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Jewellery box- Commissioned by a private client the piece is inspired by simplicity and quality, the brief was to produce a piece that showcased the beauty of the material and not overpower its surroundings but still have an air of decadence. The top is constructed from a walnut radial starburst pattern cut with a mother of pearl stringing line to provide a touch of sparkle, the starburst technique is a common veneer technique but executed correctly provides a flawless radial repetition. The inside of the box contains initials cut from sycamore into a starburst pattern, with a solid brass hinge a lock set to provide that quality finish to the piece a small tray provides storage for the smaller more delicate items of jewellery.


Materials: walnut, burr walnut and Mother of pearl with a solid brass hinge and lock set 

Dimensions: 255mm x 155mm x 95mm

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