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The Veneerist Ltd is a fresh and exciting company specializing in the art of Marquetry, located in picturesque Donegal the company  provides new options, designs and products to the luxury furniture and interiors market. Marquetry involves the cutting assembling and pressing of high quality wood veneer onto pieces of furniture, wall panels and products, to form a decorative layer to enhance the quality, look and appeal of a piece. Marquetry can commonly be seen on all manner of pieces from tabletops to chessboards, boxes to jewelry or even large scale wall panels.


The Veneerist aims to provide a high quality service to the furniture and design sectors, using the highest quality wood veneers with the latest laser technology combining these with a design led approach to bring new angles to the traditional aesthetic of Marquetry. With the experience and skills on offer coupled with an enthusiasm and desire to push the boundaries the aim will be to excite, inform and educate people on the possibilities that veneer and marquetry can offer. 

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